A Message About COVID-19


All orders ship for FREE in the USA! Most orders are currently shipping out within 3-10 business days. We will email you a tracking number when your order ships.


We ship worldwide outside the USA for a flat rate of only $25 USD on your entire order! This is an incredible savings to you as actual shipping for most international packages costs us between $60-$100. Note: Some countries will impose customs/duty fees on packages arriving internationally. We have no control over the possibility of these fees, nor over the amount that may be charged to release the package to you. If this is a concern, we recommend googling what your country may charge to release a package coming from the USA.
Note: Our USA Woven products cannot ship to Australia. Click here for details.
Disclaimer: In the rare event that actual International shipping charges for any given order are staggering (i.e. $300 to ship an order of only $150) then we reserve the right to cancel the order, or give you the option to pay the high shipping rate.