How Our USA Tapestries Are Made

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It all starts with hundreds of different colored spools of thread.
Those hundreds of colored threads are spun meticulously onto giant spools of thread.
Giant spools of thread are then hooked up to computer based Jacquard Looms that weave a design into a beautiful tapestry.
All images are woven right into the tapestry. Nothing is screen printed.
After the top layer is done, each wall tapestry is backed and sown with a second layer to nicely finish it!
A rod pocket is sown in the back of each wall tapestry for easy hanging. Simply buy a rod and slide it through! All rods come with brackets and screws.

This whole process is done right here in the USA!
We also sell tapestries that are woven in Europe. These are woven in a similar manner.
Each tapestry detail page will note where it was woven.

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