Shipping Time Frames

Why the broad time frames?

tapestry shipping

USA Products
Due to current conditions, production time is a few weeks longer than normal. We apologize for this unusual delay. We hope you will be understanding and willing to wait. Thank you in advance for your business during difficult times!

European Products
If the tapestry is in stock it will ship within a few business days. If not in stock, it will be brought in from Europe, then shipped. In this event it will ship around the end of the estimated time frame.

Keep in Mind...
Whether from the USA or Europe, these are truly quality woven tapestries. They are not woven in bulk in China and now sitting in an immense warehouse ready to ship the same day. Our business model is a pinch more old fashioned. Because of our extensive selection of over 2,000 tapestries, it is impossible for each to be in stock all the time. However, we still believe that a good thing is worth waiting for. We hope you will agree that even if you have to wait a few weeks for your tapestry to be woven in the USA or imported from Europe, it is worth the wait!

Final Note
Shipping time frames are approximate. Sometimes orders ship sooner than expected, sometimes they ship later than expected. Shipping time frames do not include transit time.