Italian Cottage Wall Tapestry C-3443M, 10-29Incheswide, 26W, 30-39Inchestall, 32H, 3339-Wh, 3339C, 3339Wh, 3351-Wh, 3351C, 3351Wh, 3443-Wh, 3443C, 3443Cm, 3443Wh, 40-49Incheswide, 43W, 50-59Inchestall, 50-59Incheswide, 53H, 53W, 70-79Inchestall, 75H, Art, S, Blue, Brown, Carolina, USAwoven, Cotton, Erope, Europe, European, Eurupe, Green, Hanging, Home, Ii, Seller, Staircase, Stairs, Tapestries, Tapestry, Top50, Tuscan, Tuscany, Urope, Vertical, Villa, Wall, Woven, Woven, Bestseller, tapestries, tapestrys, hangings, and, the, Tuscan Villa Stairs II

Italian Cottage Wall Tapestry (C-3443M)

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This wall tapestry transports viewers away to the beautiful Tuscan countryside, taking them up the steps of an ornate Italian villa. Rich warm tones and textured weaves accentuate the stucco and potted plants, the greens of the plants and trees...
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Reviews 1-0 of 0