Maison Royale III Belgian Wall Tapestry W-1624, 30-39Inchestall, 38H, 50-59Inchestall, 50-59Incheswide, 50H, 55W, 70-79Incheswide, 75W, Art, Belgian, Brown, Castle, Chateau, Collection, Cotton, DEnghien, Domaine, Europe, European, France, French, Grande, Green, Hanging, Horizontal, Medieval, Of, Old, Olde, Palace, Tapastry, Tapestries, Tapestry, Tapistry, Wall, World, Woven, Belgianwoven, Europeanwoven, tapestries, tapestrys, hangings, and, the, Renaissance, rennaisance, rennaissance, renaisance, renassance, renaissanse, Empain Chateau

Maison Royale III Belgian Wall Tapestry (W-1624)

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Taking its inspiration from Les Maisons Royales series, this tapestry depicts the park of Enghien which was sold by Henry IV of France to the dArenberg family in 1607. The neo-classical style chateau was built in the early 20th century by the...
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Reviews 1-0 of 0