Medieval Product of the Vine Belgian Wall Tapestry W-2733, 100-200Incheswide, 104W, 30-39Inchestall, 32H, 40-49Inchestall, 40-49Incheswide, 42W, 48H, 60-69Inchestall, 60-69Incheswide, 66H, 66W, 80-99Inchestall, 80-99Incheswide, 80H, 85W, Art, Belgian, S, Big, Biggest, Brown, Cotton, Dark, Enormous, Europe, European, France, French, Grand, Grande, Grape, Hanging, Harvest, Horizontal, Huge, International, Large, Largest, Medieval, Of, Old, Olde, People, Really, Seller, Tapastry, Tapestries, Tapestry, Tapistry, Top50, Vendange, Vendanges, Vendage, Vendages, Tardive, Late, Harvest, Vintage, Wall, Wine, World, Woven, Woven, Bestseller, Belgianwoven, Europeanwoven, tapestries, tapestrys, hangings, and, the, Renaissance, rennaisance, rennaissance, renaisance, renassance, renaissanse,

Medieval Product of the Vine Belgian Wall Tapestry (W-2733)

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This is a brand new reproduction tapestry of a vintage piece. The original tapestry was woven in Flanders, Belgium, in the late 15th century and now hangs in the Cluny museum in Paris. The scene depicts the bustle of harvest time, exemplifying...
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Reviews 1-0 of 0