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Each rod includes brackets & screws for mounting. Nothing additional is required. The adjustable width range of the rod does not include the width of the finials.

109" - 200" ROD OPTION: This rod option can only be purchased if you are also purchasing a tapestry that is 109" wide or wider from us. This option is actually not one singular rod, but two adjustable rods that can be used side-by-side without the inside finials to effectively form one continuous rod that will support a tapestry up to 200" wide. Six brackets will be included with this option to support the weight of a large tapestry.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you purchase a rod without purchasing a tapestry then the sale is final, as rods cannot be returned by themselves. Also, rods can only ship outside the contiguous U.S. if purchased along with a tapestry. Occasionally rods and/or tassels will ship separately from your tapestry, if purchased.