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  • Woven in Belgium
  • 70% Cotton, 30% Rayon & Polyester
  • Fully Lined
  • Rod Pocket in Back

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  • Unicorn Hunt & Capture Belgian Wall Tapestry - W-6866
  • Unicorn Hunt & Capture Belgian Wall Tapestry - W-6866
Made in Belgium
A tapestry reproduction of the famous Unicorn tapestry series from the Middle Ages. Here we have a very wide tapestry, featuring the hunters on the left and the captive unicorn on the right, combining two of the seven tapestries in the "tapestries of the unicorn" series. The Unicorn Hunt tapestry is the first in the series, showing the noble man's hunt for the unicorn. The Unicorn in Captivity is the last in a series in the collection of medieval art housed at The Cloisters. Together they illustrate the unicorn myth, which was rich with symbolism. No hunter could capture the unicorn without the aid of a maiden, to whom the beast would willingly surrender.